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Wind and Solar Data and Projections from the U.S. Energy Information Administration: Past Performance and Ongoing Enhancements

US Energy Information Administration http://www.eia.gov/forecasts/aeo/supplement/renewable/pdf/projections.pdf [EIA Today in Energy] …While distributed solar PV data have been reported in the AEO for many years, until recently EIA’s Electric Power Monthly (EPM) included data only for utility-scale generation sites with capacities of at least one megawatt, reflecting the coverage of EIA’s monthly surveys of electric generators. However, … Continue reading

Wind Vision: A New Era for Wind Power in the United States

US Dept. of Energy http://energy.gov/articles/wind-vision-new-report-highlights-robust-wind-energy-future [site] http://www.energy.gov/windvision [report] KEY FINDINGS OF THE WIND VISION REPORT: Wind energy is available nationwide. The Wind Vision Report shows that wind can be a viable source of renewable electricity in all 50 states by 2050. Wind supports a strong domestic supply chain. Wind has the potential to support over … Continue reading

The Benefits of International Co-authorship in Scientific Papers: The Case of Wind Energy Technologies

OECD / by Julie Poirier, Nick Johnstone, Ivan Haščič, Jérôme Silva http://bit.ly/1DaoJog This paper presents an analysis of the effect of international co-authorship of scientific publications on patenting in wind energy technologies. It is found that the number of scientific publications co-authored by researchers in OECD countries has a positive and very significant impact on the … Continue reading

Offshore Energy by the Numbers, An Economic Analysis of Offshore Drilling and Wind Energy in the Atlantic

Oceana http://oceana.org/en/news-media/publications/reports/offshore-energy-by-the-numbers [From Press Release] Oceana’s report finds that offshore wind would produce twice the number of jobs and twice the amount of energy as offshore drilling in the Atlantic Ocean. The report…challenges recent claims by the oil and gas industry that opening the East Coast to offshore drilling will lead the United States to … Continue reading

Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of 2.0 MW Wind Turbines

Int. J. Sustainable Manufacturing (2014 , v3 n2 p.170–185) / by Karl R. Haapala and Preedanood Prempreeda http://www.inderscience.com/www/pdf/press/2014/ijsm_off_39417.pdf Wind turbines produce energy with virtually no emissions, however, there are environmental impacts associated with their manufacture, installation, and end of life. The work presented examines life cycle environmental impacts of two 2.0 MW wind turbines. Manufacturing, … Continue reading

Visualizing the Production Tax Credit for Wind Energy

Syracuse University, School of Information Studies | UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business / by Greg Linden, Kenneth L. Kraemer and Jason Dedrick http://ischool.syr.edu/media/documents/2014/3/PTC32514.pdf http://ischool.syr.edu/newsroom/news.aspx?recid=1607 (Press Release) [RTTNews.com] The costs of electricity from wind power and natural gas are virtually equal, claims a new study on federal tax credit for wind energy. The study says, without government pricing … Continue reading