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Municipal Freshwater Scarcity: Improving Distribution System Efficiency and Tapping Nontraditional Water Sources

US Government Accountability Office http://www.gao.gov/assets/680/676898.pdf [Sen. Edward Markey Press Release] The view that drinkable water has been generally considered “reliable, cheap, and abundant” is no longer true due to a growing demand and reduction in supply, in part because of climate change impacts, including recurring drought according to a new Government Accountability Office (GAO) report…  … Continue reading

Water Resources Dashboard Aggregates U.S. Water Data

US NOAA http://toolkit.climate.gov/topics/water-resources/water-resources-dashboard [From NOAA Climate Program Office Press Release] …Driven by feedback from water resource managers, federal agencies and others, NOAA and partners have developed the Water Resources Dashboard: a one-stop website for relevant water data on drought, flooding, precipitation, climate and other measures… With the help of several non-governmental organizations–including the American Planning … Continue reading

Drinking Water: EPA Needs to Collect Information and Consistently Conduct Activities to Protect Underground Sources of Drinking Water

US Government Accountability Office http://www.gao.gov/assets/680/675439.pdf [Sidley Shale and Hydraulic Fracturing Report] GAO report asserts that the EPA oversight of underground injection of oil and gas wastewater is insufficient. A recent U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) report claims that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not gathering sufficient information to protect underground sources of drinking water … Continue reading

Projections of Water Stress Based on an Ensemble of Socioeconomic Growth and Climate Change Scenarios: A Case Study in Asia

PLoS One (March 30, 2016) / by Charles Fant, et al. http://dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0150633 The sustainability of future water resources is of paramount importance and is affected by many factors, including population, wealth and climate. Inherent in current methods to estimate these factors in the future is the uncertainty of their prediction. In this study, we integrate … Continue reading

United Nations World Water Development Report 2016: Water and Jobs

UN Water | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization http://bit.ly/1RiOuYD (full report) http://bit.ly/1UiKHk8 (Facts and Figures) http://bit.ly/1RhEroS (Executive Summary) [Info Docket] Three out of four of the jobs worldwide are water-dependent. In fact, water shortages and lack of access may limit economic growth in the years to come, according to the 2016 United Nations … Continue reading

The Road to Resilience – Managing the Risks of the Energy-Water-food Nexus

World Energy Council http://bit.ly/1Za77Dg ‘The road to resilience – managing the risks of the energy-water-food nexus’ is the second risk dimension investigated as part of the Financing Resilient Energy Infrastructure initiative. The first report in the series, ‘The road to resilience – managing and financing extreme weather risk’, recommended moving towards a more systemic understanding … Continue reading

Energy Sector Water Use Implications of a 2C Climate Policy

Environmental Research Letters (2016, v11; 11 p034011; doi:10.1088/1748-9326/11/3/034011 http://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1748-9326/11/3/034011 [R&D Mag] Climate mitigation efforts in the energy system could lead to increasing pressure on water resources, according to a new study published in the journalEnvironmental Research Letters.Yet increased energy efficiency and a focus on wind and solar power, which require less water, or the switch to more water-efficient … Continue reading

As Water Use in Gas Extraction Grows,Use in Coal Extraction Declines: Harvard Study

A Spatiotemporal Exploration of Water Consumption Changes Resulting from the Coal-to-Gas Transition in Pennsylvania Belfer Center, Kennedy School, Harvard Univ. / by Lauren A. Patterson, Sarah Jordaan and Laura Diaz Anadon http://bit.ly/1OX9SS1 A new study co-authored by researchers at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Duke University’s Nicholas Institute for Environmental … Continue reading

Modeling the Property Price Impact of Water Quality in 14 Chesapeake Bay Counties

US EPA, National Center for Environmental Economics / by Patrick J. Walsh, Charles Griffiths, Dennis Guignet, Heather Klemick http://yosemite.epa.gov/EE/epa/eed.nsf/WPNumber/2015-07 The Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries provide a range of recreational and aesthetic amenities, such as swimming, fishing, boating, wildlife viewing, and scenic vistas. Living in close proximity to the Bay improves access to these amenities … Continue reading