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Exploring the Relationship Between Environmentally Related Taxes and Inequality in Income Sources: An Empirical Cross-country Analysis

OECD http://bit.ly/1U5og1g This paper presents the first empirical analysis of the macroeconomic relationship between environmentally related taxes and inequality in income sources. The analysis also investigates whether this relationship differs between countries which have implemented environmental tax reforms (ETRs) and ones which have not. Following earlier empirical literature, income inequality is measured by the disposable-income-based … Continue reading

Pricing Freight Transport to Account for External Costs

Congressional Budget Office / by David Austin https://www.cbo.gov/publication/50049 Although freight transport contributes significantly to the productivity of the U.S. economy, it also involves sizable costs to society. Those costs include wear and tear on roads and bridges; delays caused by traffic congestion; injuries, fatalities, and property damage from accidents; and harmful effects from exhaust emissions. … Continue reading

Tax Preferences for Environmental Goals: Use, Limitations and Preferred Practices

OECD http://bit.ly/1wbi0rZ This paper reviews the use of tax preferences to achieve environmental policy objectives. Tax preferences involve using the tax system to adjust relative prices with a view to influencing producer or consumer behaviour in favour of goods or services that are considered to be environmentally beneficial. They take various forms, typically a partial … Continue reading

Does Energy Consumption Respond to Price Shocks? Evidence from a Regression-discontinuity Design

World Bank / by Paulo Bastos, Lucio Castro, Julian Cristia, and Carlos Scartascini http://bit.ly/1hwmSAu This paper exploits unique features of a recently introduced tariff schedule for natural gas in Buenos Aires to estimate the short-run impact of price shocks on residential energy utilization. The schedule induces a nonlinear and non-monotonic relationship between households’ accumulated consumption … Continue reading

The Status of the Highway Trust Fund and Budget Basics for the Treatment of New Programs

US Congressional Budget Office http://www.cbo.gov/publication/45132 [Washington Post] The debate among transportation wonks over how to fashion and pay for a long-term federal transportation bill roiled on in Washington this week, as a new number was injected into the picture: $100 billion. That’s how much the bipartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates will have to be generated … Continue reading

Statement for the Record on the Status of the Highway Trust Fund

Congressional Budget Office http://www.cbo.gov/publication/44093 Statement for the Record by Sarah Puro, Analyst for Surface Transportation Programs, for the Committee on the Budget, U.S. House of Representatives This statement provides information about CBO’s projections of future spending from the Highway Trust Fund and the agency’s estimates of the excise taxes that will be credited to the … Continue reading