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3rd Annual Grid Modernization Index

GridWise Alliance http://gridwise.org/uploads/reports/GWA_16_3rdGridModernizationIndex_Final.pdf [From an Energy Wire article by Daniel Cusick, sub. req’d]  …According to a newly published state index by the GridWise Alliance, California, Illinois and Texas lead the nation in grid modernization. They’re followed by Maryland, Delaware and Washington, D.C. Rising quickly is New York, which is making sweeping changes to its electricity … Continue reading

Progressive Forest Canopy Water Loss During the 2012–2015 California Drought

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences ( Jan. 12, 2016 v113 n2 E249-E255 ;  doi: 10.1073/pnas.1523397113 ) / by Gregory P. Asner, et al. http://www.pnas.org/content/113/2/E249.short The 2012–2015 drought has left California with severely reduced snowpack, soil moisture, ground water, and reservoir stocks, but the impact of this estimated millennial-scale event on forest health is unknown. … Continue reading

New Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Surface Regulations

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection http://bit.ly/1UA6ccx (DEP website) http://bit.ly/1JxamkO (fact sheet) http://bit.ly/1JxasZQ (executive summary) [Patriot-News] The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection on Wednesday made available thousands of pages of documents outlining new rules for the oil and gas industry. Among the trove of public documents are increased regulations for unconventional drillers, which apply to companies … Continue reading

A Retrospective Analysis of the Benefits and Impacts of U.S. Renewable Portfolio Standards

US DOE, Berkeley Laboratory | National Renewable Energy Laboratory http://1.usa.gov/1PfADka [Berkeley Lab Press Release] A new study estimates that $2.2 billion in benefits came from reduced greenhouse gas emissions and $5.2 billion from reductions in other air pollution for state renewable portfolio standard (RPS) policies operating in 2013. The report also shows national water withdrawals … Continue reading

Review of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactivity Materials (TENORM) Study Report

Radioactive Waste Management Associates for the Delaware Riverkeeper Network / By Marvin Resnikoff http://bit.ly/1YgOCR0 [Bucks County Register] The Bristol-based Delaware Riverkeeper Network is criticizing the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection for a report the network says inadequately examined the radioactivity of wastewater created by natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale. A report from the … Continue reading

Explaining Variation in the Value of Chesapeake Bay Water Quality Using Internal Meta-analysis

US EPA, National Center for Environmental Economics / by Heather Klemick, Charles Griffiths, Dennis Guignet, Patrick Walsh http://yosemite.epa.gov/ee/epa/eed.nsf/WPNumber/2015-04 This study conducts a meta-analysis of the value of water quality in the Chesapeake Bay derived from separate hedonic property value estimates in 14 Maryland counties. The meta-analysis allows us to: 1) investigate heterogeneity of estimates of … Continue reading

Climate Change: the Cost of Inaction for Maryland’s Economy

Center for Energy and Climate Solutions / by Timothy Markle http://bit.ly/1Hl3Ixh The American Climate Prospectus addressed several key climate impacts over the coming century, including increases in heat-related mortality, increases in the amount of coastal property exposed to flooding, declines in labor productivity, increases in energy expenditures, and declines in agricultural output. In this paper, we … Continue reading