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Climate Change, Resilience, and Fairness: How Nonstructural Adaptation Can Protect and Empower Socially Vulnerable Communities on the Gulf Coast

Oxfam America for the Center for Progressive Reform http://bit.ly/23IJLax [From Press Release] Coastal communities in low-lying Louisiana, threatened not only by subsiding land but rising seas, face social vulnerabilities that must be taken into consideration as the state adapts to climate change, new research finds. Along the Gulf Coast, the geographic and social vulnerabilities of the … Continue reading

Projections of Water Stress Based on an Ensemble of Socioeconomic Growth and Climate Change Scenarios: A Case Study in Asia

PLoS One (March 30, 2016) / by Charles Fant, et al. http://dx.doi.org/10.1371/journal.pone.0150633 The sustainability of future water resources is of paramount importance and is affected by many factors, including population, wealth and climate. Inherent in current methods to estimate these factors in the future is the uncertainty of their prediction. In this study, we integrate … Continue reading

United Nations World Water Development Report 2016: Water and Jobs

UN Water | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization http://bit.ly/1RiOuYD (full report) http://bit.ly/1UiKHk8 (Facts and Figures) http://bit.ly/1RhEroS (Executive Summary) [Info Docket] Three out of four of the jobs worldwide are water-dependent. In fact, water shortages and lack of access may limit economic growth in the years to come, according to the 2016 United Nations … Continue reading

Climate Change: A Risk to the Global Middle Class Exposure, Vulnerability & Economic Impact

UBS / by Dinah A. Koehler, et al. https://www.ubs.com/microsites/climatechange/en/home.html (scroll to the bottom to download PDF) [Reuters] The erosion of wealth among the world’s middle class due to climate change is a threat to economic and social stability which could spur its 1 billion members to push for action on global warming, Swiss bank UBS Group AG … Continue reading

Inequality, Climate Impacts on the Future Poor, and Carbon Prices

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (Dec. 29, 2015 v112 n52 p15827-15832; doi: 10.1073/pnas.1513967112) / by Francis Dennig,  et al. http://www.pnas.org/content/112/52/15827.short [Significance] Hundreds of published papers produce “optimal” trajectories of global emissions of carbon dioxide, and corresponding carbon prices, over this century, taking into account future damages inflicted by climate change. To our knowledge, in … Continue reading

Climate Change Impacts on Rural Poverty in Low-Elevation Coastal Zones

World Bank / by Edward Barbier http://bit.ly/1Sy4nw0 This paper identifies the low-elevation coastal zone populations and developing regions most vulnerable to sea-level rise and other coastal hazards, such as storm surges, coastal erosion, and salt-water intrusion. The focus is on the rural poor in the low-elevation coastal zone, as their economic livelihoods are especially endangered … Continue reading