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Enabling Rapid and Sustainable Public Health Research During Disasters: Summary of a Joint Workshop

National Research Council http://bit.ly/1Oq5e0i Over the past decade, preparedness and response capacities of government agencies, hospitals and clinics, public health agencies, and academic researchers in the United States and abroad have been challenged by a succession of public health emergencies, ranging from radiological threats to pandemics to earthquakes. Through After Action Reports, each of these … Continue reading

Assessment and Communication of the Social Science of Climate Change: Bridging Research and Policy

Memorandum from Workshop conducted 18-20 Feb. 2015 in Berlin / by Carlo Carraro, Charles Kolstad and Robert Stavins http://bit.ly/1vzknXF On February 18–20, 2015, twenty-four experts gathered in Berlin to explore approaches to improving the process by which research on climate change is assessed—with a focus on the social sciences (economics, political science, policy studies). Participants … Continue reading

The Benefits of International Co-authorship in Scientific Papers: The Case of Wind Energy Technologies

OECD / by Julie Poirier, Nick Johnstone, Ivan Haščič, Jérôme Silva http://bit.ly/1DaoJog This paper presents an analysis of the effect of international co-authorship of scientific publications on patenting in wind energy technologies. It is found that the number of scientific publications co-authored by researchers in OECD countries has a positive and very significant impact on the … Continue reading

The Problems with Measuring and Using Happiness for Policy Purposes

Mercatus Center, George Mason University / by Mark D. White http://mercatus.org/publication/problems-measuring-and-using-happiness-policy-purposes The use of happiness as a measurement tool is a new interest among some policymakers. Many governments around the world are considering measures of happiness (sometimes called “subjective well-being”) as alternatives to gross domestic product (GDP) for the purpose of guiding economic policymaking. Proponents of happiness … Continue reading

Greening Household Behaviour: Overview from the 2011 Survey

OECD (Fee-based report available on OECD iLibrary; RFFers see library website for access) http://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/environment/greening-household-behaviour_9789264214651-en Developing growth strategies that promote greener lifestyles requires a good understanding of the factors that affect people’s behaviour towards the environment. Based on periodic surveys of more than 10 000 households, this publication presents responses from the most recent round of … Continue reading

Discovery of New Ozone-depleting Substances: Study

Atmospheric Abundances, Trends and Emissions of CFC-216ba, CFC-216ca and HCFC-225ca (Atmosphere, 2014, v5, p420-434; doi:10.3390/atmos5020420) / by Corinna Kloss, et al. http://www.mdpi.com/2073-4433/5/2/420 [Yale Environment 360] Researchers this week identified three new ozone-depleting gases in the atmosphere, bringing the total number of such gases discovered this year to seven. Alone, none of the three gases were found in concentrations … Continue reading