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To Lift or Not to Lift? The U.S. Crude Oil Export Ban: Implications for Price and Energy Security

Center for Energy Studies, Baker Institute, Rice University / by Kenneth B. Medlock III http://bakerinstitute.org/media/files/files/0bfec984/CES-CrudeOilExports-Medlock-032515.pdf [Oil and Gas Journal]  Lifting the 40-year-old US crude oil export ban would benefit pricing, energy security, and petroleum investment, according to a new study issued by the Center for Energy Studies at Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy in … Continue reading

Environmental Issues, Climate Changes, and Energy Security in Developing Asia

Asian Development Bank / by Benjamin Sovacool http://bit.ly/1kenfhg Four environmental dimensions of energy security—climate change, air pollution, water availability and quality, and land-use change—and the environmental impact of 13 energy systems on each are discussed in this paper. Climate change threatens more land, people, and economies in Asia and small Pacific island states than any … Continue reading

Energy Efficiency Indicators: Fundamentals on Statistics

International Energy Agency (RFFers can access this fee-based report through OECD iLibrary — see passwords on library landing page if prompted for one) http://www.oecd-ilibrary.org/energy/energy-efficiency-indicators_9789264215672-en Energy efficiency is high on the political agenda as governments seek to reduce wasteful energy consumption, strengthen energy security and cut greenhouse gas emissions. However, the lack of data for developing … Continue reading

Arctic Issues: Better Direction and Management of Voluntary Recommendations Could Enhance U.S. Arctic Council Participation

US Government Accountability Office http://gao.gov/products/GAO-14-435 The Arctic Council (Council) is a voluntary intergovernmental forum for Arctic States, with involvement of indigenous organizations and other stakeholders, to address various environmental and economic issues through projects and reports targeting a variety of subjects. The eight Arctic States guide the work of the Council through consensus decisions and … Continue reading

Academic Study Shows Western Europe with Five Years or Less of Domestic Fossil Fuels

Country Resource Maps Anglia Ruskin University | Global Sustainability Institute | Global Resource Observatory http://bit.ly/1jQuYG4 [Oilprice.com]  A new academic report warns that countries in Europe are increasingly running low on energy reserves, and an advocacy group says that as a result, “Energy Dependence Day” is arriving earlier each year. Some European countries now have less … Continue reading