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Investing in Disaster Risk Management in an Uncertain Climate

World Bank / by Thomas K. J. McDermott http://bit.ly/1q9qrUO Climate change will exacerbate the challenges associated with environmental conditions, especially weather variability and extremes, in developing countries. These challenges play important, if as yet poorly understood roles in the development prospects of affected regions. As such, climate change reinforces the development case for investment in … Continue reading

Managing Coasts with Natural Solutions: Guidelines for Measuring and Valuing the Coastal Protection Services of Mangroves and Coral Reefs

World Bank |  Nature Conservancy http://bit.ly/20Ww6ek [From Press Release] This guidance note provides review and recommendations for how the protective services of mangroves and coral reefs can be measured and valued in a manner consistent with national economic accounts and included in other decision-making processes to support planning for development, disaster risk, and coastal zone management. It … Continue reading

2016 World Development Indicators

World Bank http://bit.ly/1aS5CmL (download or search the database) http://wdi.worldbank.org/tables (statistical tables) http://data.worldbank.org/products/wdi (publication) [WDI Blog] …WDI now includes 1,400 indicators for over 200 economies. While we update the WDI database quarterly and make historical versions available, this annual release of a new edition is an opportunity to review the trends we’re seeing in global development and … Continue reading

The Impacts of Climate Change on Poverty in 2030 and the Potential from Rapid, Inclusive, and Climate-Informed Development

World Bank / by Stephane Rozenberg and Julie Hallegatte http://bit.ly/1jzMvEB The impacts of climate change on poverty depend on the magnitude of climate change, but also on demographic and socioeconomic trends. An analysis of hundreds of baseline scenarios for future economic development in the absence of climate change in 92 countries shows that the drivers … Continue reading

The Farms of Change: African Smallholders Responding to an Uncertain Climate Future

The Montpellier Panel http://bit.ly/1MXLraO [BBC] Food shortages, malnutrition and migration will undo decades of development unless more funding is made available, the authors added… The findings were compiled by the Montpellier Panel, a group of experts from Europe and Africa. The report – The Farms of Change: African Smallholders Responding to an Uncertain Climate Future – … Continue reading

Reducing Deforestation to Fight Climate Change: Insights From a CFR Workshop

Council on Foreign Relations http://blogs.cfr.org/levi/2015/09/29/can-deforestation-be-stopped/ [CFR Energy, Security, and Climate blog] Why has Brazil slashed deforestation over the last decade while Indonesian deforestation has accelerated?… Figuring out why Brazil has succeeded while Indonesia has lagged can provide insight into how both countries can do more. Earlier this year I gathered a multidisciplinary group to explore the … Continue reading