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Higher Losses and Slower Development in the Absence of Disaster Risk Management Investments

World Bank / by Stephane Hallegatte, et al. http://bit.ly/1XhpHue Global economic losses from natural disasters continue to increase. Yet, investments in disaster risk management are not universal, as they are traditionally seen as in competition with other development and economic priorities. The multitude of benefits from disaster risk management investments are not traditionally accounted for … Continue reading

Next Generation Earth System Prediction: Strategies for Subseasonal to Seasonal Forecasts

National Academy Press http://bit.ly/1Y2yzSi As the nation’s economic activities, security concerns, and stewardship of natural resources become increasingly complex and globally interrelated, they become ever more sensitive to adverse impacts from weather, climate, and other natural phenomena. For several decades, forecasts with lead times of a few days for weather and other environmental phenomena have … Continue reading

Economic Benefits of Trails, Parks, and Open Space in the Mat-Su Borough [Alaska]

Earth Economics http://bit.ly/1PzIuvM [Environmental Valuation & Cost-Benefit News] [The study finds]: Opportunities for physical activity in open spaces can decrease both health care  costs and   productivity losses, leading to more than $3 million in savings annually. The high cost of natural disaster recoveries, not to mention the loss of human life,  can be  minimized with … Continue reading

TVA: Distributed Generation-Integrated Value Report [Assessing the Value of Solar]

Tennessee Valley Authority http://1.usa.gov/200Acmi [From an Energy Wire article by Kristi E. Schwartz, sub. req’d] The Tennessee Valley Authority’s initial cost-benefit analysis on solar gives the renewable fuel a lower value than what environmental advocates argue it deserves…. The figures show the value of solar to average around 7.2 cents a kilowatt-hour, which is 40 percent less than … Continue reading

Cost-Effectiveness of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Measures for Agriculture

OECD / by Michael MacLeod, Vera Eory, Guillaume Gruère and Jussi Lankoski http://bit.ly/1VFwJon This paper reviews the international literature on the cost-effectiveness of supply-side mitigation measures that can reduce the emissions intensity of agriculture while maintaining or increasing production. Sixty-five recent international studies of cost-effectiveness covering 181 individual activities are reviewed. Nine case studies of well … Continue reading