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The Importance of Looking Forward to Manage Risks: Submission to the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures

Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment | ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy, London School of Economics and Political Science / by Dimitri Zenghelis and Nicholas Stern http://bit.ly/1teFIWU [From Press Release] Companies that fail to plan for business scenarios in a low-carbon economy risk decline or even bankruptcy, according to a … Continue reading

Rising Leaders on Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change

Yale Center for Business and the Environment http://bit.ly/21pfyNr [GreenBiz]  Recent research from Yale University, the Global Network for Advanced Management and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) shows that a new generation of talent is insisting on a more environmentally conscious approach to business. The Yale study,(link is external)  presented Dec. 8 to world leaders … Continue reading

Government Not Pushing Companies to Disclose Climate Change-related Risk

Supply Chain Risks: SEC’s Plans to Determine If Additional Action Is Needed on Climate-Related Disclosure Have Evolved Government Accountability Office http://www.gao.gov/products/GAO-16-211 [From an E&E News PM article by Amanda Reilly, sub. req’d] Assessing companies’ climate change disclosures has dropped in priority at the Securities and Exchange Commission… Largely because of the financial reform law, the … Continue reading

Website Assesses Climate Change Risk Disclosure by Fossil Fuel Companies

SEC Sustainability Disclosure Search Ceres http://bit.ly/1GAwgSt [Environmental Leader] Ceres has launched a search tool that allows users to access water risk disclosures in company filings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC Sustainability Disclosure Search tool allows users to find disclosures in 4,500 US companies’ annual filings relating to water availability, scarcity, quality, … Continue reading

Principles for a Carbon Tax and Rebate Program to Address Climate Change: What the U.S. Congress Can Do

“U.S. Climate Task Force ” (Sierra Club | ExxonMobil — dated Sept. 8, 2009) / by Robert Shapiro http://media.bloomberg.com/bb/avfile/rXvcDo.PzQ64 [From a Bloomberg Business article by Eric Roston]  …A final document from the ExxonMobil-Sierra Club group, dated Sept. 8, 2009, set down guidelines conceived to help Congress write carbon tax legislation. The document was provided to … Continue reading

Businesses and Investors Across US Support EPA Clean Power Plan [Interactive Graphic]

Ceres http://www.ceres.org/issues/climate-change/clean-power-plan/clean-power-plan In an unprecedented show of business support for tackling climate change, 365 companies and investors sent letters to more than two-dozen governors across the United States voicing support for the EPA Clean Power Plan for existing power plants and encouraging the states’ “timely finalization” of state implementation plans to meet the new standards…

Turning a Profit While Doing Good: Aligning Sustainability with Corporate Performance

Brookings Institution / by George Serafeim http://brook.gs/1wUuQ0g When a company focuses on improving its environmental or social good performance, what happens to that company’s financial performance and shareholder returns? Harvard Business School professor George Serafeim answers this question with new research that reveals that companies that undertake true sustainable efforts outperform competitors who don’t. Investing $1 … Continue reading

Disclosing the Facts 2014 : Transparency and Risk in Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

Fracking Scorecard: 2014 Investor Report Shows Few Energy Companies Willing To Disclose Practices As You Sow | Boston Common Asset Management | Green Century Capital Management | Investor Environmental Health Network (IEHN) http://bit.ly/137irrP [Bloomberg]  While a handful of shale drillers including BHP Billiton Ltd. (BHP) are providing better information to investors on the risks posed … Continue reading