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Global Economic and Environmental Outcomes of the Paris Agreement

Brookings Institution / by Weifeng Liu, Warwick J. McKibbin, Adele Morris and Peter J. Wilcoxen https://brook.gs/2QrYbKB [Axios] …What they found: The authors ran simulations based on participating vs. abandoning pledges for China (now by far the world’s largest emitter), the U.S., and Australia. “We find that non-participation leads to economic gains for these countries relative to … Continue reading

Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment

Purdue University — Discovery Park, Climate Change Research Center https://ag.purdue.edu/indianaclimate/energy-report/ [Inside Indiana Business] Demand for cooling will increase, and homes and businesses will get more of their energy through natural gas and renewable resources as Indiana’s climate warms…The report suggests, while residential energy use will decrease by as much as 3 percent by mid-century, business … Continue reading

Reliable, Affordable Energy for the World: Investing in a Carbonless Future

Breakthrough Energy Coalition http://www.b-t.energy/ [Climate Wire, sub. req’d] Driving deep reductions in U.S. carbon emissions by midcentury requires accelerated investment in a wide range of advanced energy technologies, from battery storage to new nuclear reactors and photosynthetic fuels, according to a study led by former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and energy historian Daniel Yergin… Arriving … Continue reading

The Green New Deal

US House of Representatives via NPR https://n.pr/2teCgNA [Axios] …Some of the resolution’s top-line goals include… Achieving net-zero U.S. greenhouse gas emissions through a “fair and just transition for all communities and workers” while creating millions of jobs. Decarbonizing all the major segments of the economy — power, manufacturing, buildings, transportation and more. Huge investments in … Continue reading

Renewing the National Commitment to the Interstate Highway System: A Foundation for the Future

National Academy Press https://bit.ly/2REYVxg [Description] …The prospect of an aging and worn Interstate System that operates unreliably is concerning in the face of a vehicle fleet that continues to transform as the 21st century progresses and the vulnerabilities due to climate change place new demands on the country’s transportation infrastructure. Recent combined state and federal … Continue reading