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Carbon Taxes and the Affordability of Gasoline

University of Michigan http://www.umenergysurvey.com/assets/C-taxG-aff_12Sep2017.pdf Probing consumers’ thresholds for “pain at the pump” enables us to quantify how a carbon tax would affect American consumers’ feelings about the affordability of gasoline. The gasoline price that consumers say they would find unaffordable, in the sense of having to change how they travel or otherwise conduct their daily lives, … Continue reading

Putting a Price on Carbon: Ensuring Equity

World Resources Institute / by Noah Kaufman and Eleanor Krause http://www.wri.org/sites/default/files/Putting_a_Price_on_Carbon_Ensuring_Equity.pdf [Politico’s Morning Energy email] Imposing a carbon tax or cap-and-trade program will create hardships for low-income households who will face more expensive products and coal miners who may lose their jobs, unless policymakers use the carbon windfall to ease their pain, the World Resources Institute … Continue reading

Assessment of Net Mitigation in the Context of International Greenhouse Gas Emissions Control Mechanisms

World Bank / by Jon Strand http://bit.ly/1pIsSxH This paper discusses the scope for market mechanisms, already established for greenhouse gas mitigation in Annex 1 countries that ratified the Kyoto Protocol, for implementing “net mitigation,” defined here as mitigation beyond Annex 1 countries’ formal mitigation requirements under the Kyoto Protocol. Such market mechanisms could be useful … Continue reading

How to Use Carbon Tax Revenues

Brookings Institution / By: Donald B. Marron and Adele Morris http://brook.gs/1UuE5hb We organize the options into four goals: offset the new burdens that a carbon tax places on consumers, producers, communities, and the broader economy; support further efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; ameliorate the harms of climate disruption; and fund unrelated public priorities. We … Continue reading

Proposed $10/Barrel Tax on Oil Could Slow Economic Growth: CRS Memo to Senate Committee

Congressional Research Service http://1.usa.gov/1Se4MXw [E&E News PM article by Ariel Wittenberg, sub. req’d] President Obama’s proposed $10-per-barrel oil fee could slow economic growth, the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service wrote in a memo to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. The Obama administration announced its proposal last week to charge oil companies to pay for … Continue reading

Consultation Guide: Building B.C.’s Climate Leadership PLan

Clean Energy Canada http://engage.gov.bc.ca/climateleadership/ (website) http://bit.ly/1nWxorR (guide) [From Press Release] British Columbians have another opportunity to shape the province’s climate action priorities. The B.C. government has just released a consultation guide and is looking for feedback on it before releasing a more detailed survey in the coming weeks. The consultation period runs until March 25. This … Continue reading

A Carbon Price Will Reduce Emissions More than Computer Models Predict

World Resources Institite http://bit.ly/1ncwQxV …In our new issue brief, Putting a Price on Carbon: Reducing Emissions, we outline the specific ways a carbon price (meaning either a carbon tax or cap-and-trade program) would encourage emissions reductions by changing the behavior of producers, consumers and investors throughout the economy. We compare these incentives to the corresponding … Continue reading

After Paris: Fiscal, Macroeconomic and Financial Implications of Global Climate Change

International Monetary Fund http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/cat/longres.aspx?sk=43484.0 This paper discusses the implications of climate change for fiscal, financial, and macroeconomic policies. Most pressing is the use of carbon taxes (or equivalent trading systems) to implement the emissions mitigation pledges submitted by 186 countries for the December 2015 Paris Agreement while providing revenue for lowering other taxes or debt. … Continue reading