Eastern Renewable Generation Integration Study

National Renewable Energy Laboratory / by Aaron Bloom, et al.

[From Press Release] Using high-performance computing capabilities and innovative visualization tools, NREL shows the power grid of the Eastern United States—one of the largest power systems in the world—can accommodate upwards of 30% wind and solar/photovoltaic (PV) power…

[Vox] …The study is a remarkable technical achievement, marrying enormous datasets with enormous computing power to produce incredibly rich scenarios (one reason it stretches to 220 pages, with six appendices).

 But the basic conclusion of the study can be summed up in four words: It can be done.

The EI can accommodate lots of renewables, quickly. Specifically, it can accommodate 30 percent “variable generation” (VG) — on- and offshore wind, utility and distributed solar — by 2026, using tools available today. (It will require space, money, and transmission lines, but no new advances in energy storage or demand management. More on that later…)



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