2016 Global Report on Internal Displacement (GRID 2016)

Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC), Norwegian Refugee Council

[Voice of America] …More than 19 million people were uprooted by natural disasters in 113 countries, mostly in India, China and Nepal [in 2015]. Extreme weather such as storms and floods were the main culprits. In Nepal alone, 2.6 people were uprooted by earthquakes in April and May of last year. Over the past eight years, disasters forced 203.4 million people to leave their homes.

While many countries such as Bangladesh, Cuba and Vietnam have improved their natural disaster prevention and preparation capabilities, the report said other countries have work to do.

“In Asia I would say, and to some extent Latin America, still too little is done to meet the growing strength of the forces of nature fueled by climate change,” said [Jan] Egeland.

Egeland, a former United Nations humanitarian and relief official, plans to urge participating nations at the upcoming World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, Turkey to develop natural disaster prevention and mitigation plans and ways to prevent conflict and protect civilians in war…


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