Infrastructure Needs of Oil and Gas Industry Revised Down: Report

North American Midstream Infrastructure Through 2035: Leaning into the Headwinds
ICF International for the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America

[Union of Concerned Scientists blog] The pipeline owners’ trade association, the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA), has just released an update of their vision of the future. Due to lower wholesale prices for natural gas, INGAA has revised down the need for new pipelines… Instead of $640 billion over 22 years, INGAA projects a range with a midpoint of $546 billion over 20 years…

[Argus News] …Some US natural gas infrastructure projects scheduled for completion this year may be delayed until 2017, industry officials said today, as volatile prices add unprecedented uncertainty to construction plans.

The concentration of gas supply regions, along with reversals in original pipeline design, may prompt developers to reduce the mileage of some projects while only adding compression and looping facilities, ICF vice president Kevin Petak said, speaking at an event hosted by the Ingaa Foundation…

For example, the proposed Constitution pipeline from the Marcellus to upstate New York has been delayed for nearly a year until the second half of 2017 to comply with environmental conditions set by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Energy Transfer’s Rover project from the Appalachian region into Ohio is now expected in service in late 2017, a year later than planned. And the 1 Bcf/d PennEast pipeline from Pennsylvania to New Jersey has been delayed for year until late 2018…


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