Water Resources Dashboard Aggregates U.S. Water Data


[From NOAA Climate Program Office Press Release] …Driven by feedback from water resource managers, federal agencies and others, NOAA and partners have developed the Water Resources Dashboard: a one-stop website for relevant water data on drought, flooding, precipitation, climate and other measures…

With the help of several non-governmental organizations–including the American Planning Association, American Water Works Association, Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies, Water Environment Federation, Water Environment Research Foundation and the Water Research Foundation–NOAA worked to combine resources on flooding, drought, and other extreme precipitation events into one location to better serve the needs of stakeholders…

Over the last year and a half, NGOs worked with their constituents to determine what datasets were most needed and NOAA used that information to build a dashboard that will help water resource managers and urban planners build resilience to extreme precipitation events…

The dashboard is organized into three categories: observations; forecasts and outlooks; and people and assets. As the dashboard’s popularity grows, so may the needs of stakeholders. As such, new data products and case studies will be added.

To help people use the new resource, NOAA and its partners are developing an online learning series. The webinars, which will be recorded over this next year, will feature scientists and decision-makers and aim to help people understand both the science behind the datasets and the practical use of data to improve water resource planning and management. To make things easier, recordings will be linked to their corresponding datasets.

The Water Resources Dashboard is located on the U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit (toolkit.climate.gov), which provides scientific tools, information, and expertise on a number of relevant climate topics in order to help people improve their resilience.


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