Consumer Impacts of California’s Low Carbon Transportation Policies

Consumers Union

[NRDC Experts Blog by Alex Jackson] …[A new report from the Consumers Union] looks at the cumulative impact of California’s climate policies on household transportation costs. The key finding? Even after accounting for industry compliance costs, California households are projected to save up to $1,500 annually by 2030 thanks to lower annual fuel bills, and low-income households will experience the largest savings (as a share of income). The key reason? As the researchers, ICF International, put it – “focusing exclusively on vehicle and fuel pricing…can be misleading. Ultimately, consumer expenditures on travel are a function of vehicle and fuel pricing, as well as parameters such as vehicle efficiency and vehicle miles traveled.”

In other words, it’s the bottom line that counts. And thanks to improved vehicle efficiency, reduced travel times, and more competition and consumer choice being delivered by California’s suite of low- carbon transportation policies – including the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, Zero Emission Vehicle Program, and Sustainable Communities Strategies (SB 375) – Californians will spend significantly less of their overall budget on transportation costs in 15 years than they do today…


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