Trends in U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Upstream Costs

IHS for the US Energy Information Administration

[] …Among some of the highlights: The average well drilling and completion costs in five onshore areas in 2015 were between 25% and 30% below their 2012 level–when costs per well were at their highest point over the past decade. Based on expectations of continuing oversupply of global oil in 2016, the report predicts a continued downward trajectory in costs as drilling activity declines. For example, the report expects rig rates to fall by 5%-10% in 2016 with increases of 5% in 2017 and 2018. The report also expects additional efficiencies in drilling rates, lateral lengths, proppant use, multi-well pads, and number of stages that will further drive down costs measured in terms of dollars per barrel of oil-equivalent ($/boe) by 7%-22% over this period. Below is a summary of the report, followed by a full copy of the report. Take time to read it!…


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