Rising Leaders on Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change

Yale Center for Business and the Environment

[GreenBiz]  Recent research from Yale University, the Global Network for Advanced Management and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) shows that a new generation of talent is insisting on a more environmentally conscious approach to business.

The Yale study,(link is external)  presented Dec. 8 to world leaders at COP21, surveyed more than 3,700 students at 29 top business schools across the world, and has revealed a consensus that business needs to adapt not only because the planet needs a more green approach to business, but also because future leaders want to work for more environmentally friendly enterprises. So much so that the issue could become the new frontier for talent attraction and retention.

Eighty-four percent of students surveyed said they would choose to work for a company with good environmental practices, while 44 percent would accept a lower salary in order to work for such a company. Nearly a fifth said they would not accept a job at a company with poor environmental practices no matter what the salary was.

Most important, nearly 80 percent of respondents said businesses should be leading efforts to address global warming. Not just contributing, leading…



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