Consultation Guide: Building B.C.’s Climate Leadership PLan

Clean Energy Canada (website) (guide)

[From Press Release] British Columbians have another opportunity to shape the province’s climate action priorities.

The B.C. government has just released a consultation guide and is looking for feedback on it before releasing a more detailed survey in the coming weeks. The consultation period runs until March 25.

This is an important moment to weigh in, even if you already did in the first engagement process. British Columbia’s solid reputation for climate leadership is slowly being whittled away as the government shelved aspects of climate plan, like increasing the carbon tax. Since 2012, carbon pollution has increased in British Columbia, and that problem is projected to continue getting worse without new steps…

The Climate Leadership Team recommendations include:
  • ​Creating an innovative new fiscal package to continue cutting carbon pollution by gradually increasing and expanding B.C.’s carbon tax, while creating targeted support for emissions-intensive trade-exposed industries and vulnerable citizens. The package would also see a portion of the revenue used to reduce the provincial sales tax (PST), helping citizens and businesses adjust.
  • ​Setting a new legislated 2030 target to reduce carbon pollution by 40 per cent below 2007 levels, which would put B.C. on track to meet its 2050 target.
  • ​Various measures to increase energy efficiency requirements in the province’s building code, support the transition to electric vehicles, promote the shift to 100% clean electricity, reduce methane leakage in the gas fields, and encourage municipal and indigenous governments to undertake projects to cut carbon pollution…

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