Everyone is Unhappy: A Report by the Board of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel

Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel

[Midwest Energy News] …Noting that a majority of states have lower electric rates, the report from the Board of Governors of the Office of the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel calls for the state legislature to form a task force to do a full-scale review of the state’s electric industry and its regulation.

The report states that renewables and energy efficiency save consumers money and notes that states with a more diverse electricity supply mix have lower rates than Ohio. At the same time, however, the report refers to utilities’ concerns about deregulation and the emphasis for energy efficiency leading to a so-called “death spiral.”

The OCC board’s call for a task force is “completely data driven,” said Krebs. “Of all the deregulated states, our rate of increase in cost is by far and away the most.”

The problem is “not renewables,” Krebs noted, pointing out that states such as Iowa have significantly more renewable energy than Ohio. “Yet they’re substantially cheaper than we are” when it comes to residential rates.

“Something is really off here in Ohio,” Krebs stressed. “It’s got to be in our regulatory structure, because the data indicate that all other things being equal, our electricity should be substantially cheaper than what it is.”…

The OCC report also comes less than six months after FirstEnergy CEO Chuck Jones commented that he would end deregulation of Ohio’s electricity generation market “in a heartbeat.”..


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