Western States Clean Power Plan Evaluation Model

Energy Strategies | Fovea, LLC

Energy Strategies and Fovea, LLC, in partnership with the Center for the New Energy Economy (CNEE) at Colorado State University, have built and maintain a Clean Power Plan evaluation model for five Western States – Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and New Mexico. This five state model represents the first phase of what will become a 12 Western States model that will include seven additional states – Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, North Dakota and South Dakota.

Due to the scope and complexity of the final rule, state air and energy planners will need analytical tools to evaluate the numerous plan approaches available under the Clean Power Plan’s emissions reduction requirements. The goal of this project is to create a user friendly analytical tool that will enable stakeholders to evaluate the six available compliance pathways using a consistent data set derived from public sources and a uniform Excel-based modeling platform. Functionality of the tool will enable users to estimate the expected business-as-usual CO2 emissions and emissions rate from affected sources from 2013 through 2030; quantify the CO2reductions required to meet EPA’s interim and final targets (compliance gap); and evaluate combinations of measures, including opportunities to trade compliance instruments between states.

Intended users

The Energy Strategies Model is a screening tool that is intended to meet the needs of state environmental and utility regulators, utility resource planners, NGOs and other stakeholders who want to evaluate potential plan pathways and compliance measures established by the final Clean Power Plan rule…


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