Principles for a Carbon Tax and Rebate Program to Address Climate Change: What the U.S. Congress Can Do

“U.S. Climate Task Force ” (Sierra Club | ExxonMobil — dated Sept. 8, 2009) / by Robert Shapiro

[From a Bloomberg Business article by Eric Roston]  …A final document from the ExxonMobil-Sierra Club group, dated Sept. 8, 2009, set down guidelines conceived to help Congress write carbon tax legislation. The document was provided to Bloomberg by Bookbinder.

The document—available here (PDF)—consists of 10 ideas that might shape a national carbon tax. A bill should set the U.S. on an emissions path that takes into account global climate-change risk and establishes an independent body to adjust the tax, when appropriate. Legislators should refund 90 percent of the tax to Americans, with the rest marked for research, technology deployment, and relief for coal communities.

The memo bears only the name of the U.S. Climate Task Force and a sole author, Robert Shapiro, who had been turning the discussions into carefully chosen words on the page. Neither ExxonMobil nor Sierra Club put their imprimatur on it. The group anticipated shopping the ideas around town, Bailey recalled, and didn’t want either logo putting off would-be supporters.

The whole thing soon came to naught.


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