Tracking Innovation in Oil and Gas Patents The Role and Influence of the US Department of Energy

Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions

[Oil and Gas Journal] Incubation of oil and gas technology by the US Department of Energy has had “a measurable impact” on recent innovation by the industry, according to an analysis of patent data by the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions.

The firm analyzed a nonpublic database of 8,003 patents from DOE in relation to its own database of 2.1 million patents and more than 75 million patent citations.

The study focused on industry patents from the Deloitte data based granted during 2006-14…

The key findings:

• 8.6% of all patents from major oil and gas firms cited at least one DOE-funded patent.

• 55.8% of all DOE patents produced prior to 2006 were cited by at least one oil and gas firm.

• DOE patents have a median shelf life of 16.5 years.

• In 2012-14, there were six areas other than oil and gas that cited oil and gas patents at least 100 times.

• 62% of DOE oil and gas innovations were created by academic and nonprofit entities, while 5% were created by private firms focused on oil and gas. The rest were created by firms other than oil and gas.

Of patents filed by 42 oil and gas organizations in 2006-14, a category labeled “wells” led a list of technology areas companies patented when citing DOE patents. The category attracted 506 citations.

The top DOE patent by citation from private oil and gas companies is entitled “Downhole data transmission system,” published Dec. 30, 2003. It received 78 citations.


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