Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) in China at a City Level

Scientific Reports (2015, v5, Article number: 14884; doi:10.1038/srep14884) / by Yan-Lin Zhang and Fang Cao

[Green Car Congress]  …A recent open access study published in Nature’s Scientific Reports (Zhang & Cao, 2015) found that only 25 out of 190 cities in China could meet the National Ambient Air Quality Standards of China; the population-weighted mean of PM2.5 in Chinese cities is 61 μg/m3—about 3 times as high as global population-weighted mean, highlighting a high health risk.

According to data released by the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) in 2014, motor vehicles were responsible for 31% of local PM2.5 emissions in 2014.

In the introduction to their paper, the Tsinghua/Peking team noted that in GDI operation, gasoline is injected into the cylinder during the intake stroke, leaving insufficient time for the gasoline to evaporate and to mix with air before ignition. This inhomogeneity unavoidably leads to diffusion flame, in which soot-like particulates are formed…


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