Explaining Extreme Events of 2014 from a Climate Perspective

Special Supplement to the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society (Vol. 96, No. 12, December 2015)
http://bit.ly/1Nfyq7i (pdf)
http://bit.ly/1NSoxiV (table of contents)

[New York Times] A new collection of studies examined extreme weather events last year, including drought, floods and storms, to look for signs that climate change was a cause or contributor — and found mixed results.

The papers are part of a broader effort to recognize the effects of climate change as the world warms, and to tease out those factors from other possible causes of extreme events.

…an emerging field of science is dedicated to discerning whether climate change is already having effects, and what they might be. The set of 32 studies published Thursday examined 28 extreme weather events in 2014; it is the fourth in a series of annual reports, and appears in The Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.

“The studies this year are pretty evenly split, about 50-50, for those that did and did not find a role for climate change in the event’s likelihood or intensity,” said Stephanie Herring, lead editor of the report and a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration climate scientist, in a news conference. “The strength of the climate change signals that we see really varies based on the type of event being looked at.”


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