Sea Level Rise: What is Expected for New York

New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation (proposed regulation and support documents) (press release)

[Yale Environment 360]  New York State is telling developers and homeowners in New York City and coastal towns that they should prepare for up to 75 inches of sea level rise by 2100. The sea level rise projections, based on recent scientific studies by NASA and Columbia University, are part of the New York Community Risk and Resiliency Act passed after the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The state says it is creating new sea level rise regulations requiring coastal planners, developers, and builders to expect seas that could rise up to six feet and to build more resilient homes and other structures. New York officials said that 500,000 people live in areas that lie less than six feet above the mean high tide line in the state. The scientific studies took into account increased melting of ice sheets and glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica.


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