Weathering the Next Storm: A Closer Look at Business Resilience

Center for Climate and Energy Solutions / Katy Maher and Janet Peace

[Press Release] …“Weathering the Next Storm: A Closer Look at Business Resilience,” released today at Climate Week NYC, examines how companies are preparing for climate risks and what is keeping them from doing more. C2ES also suggests companies and cities collaborate to strengthen climate resilience…

Key Findings:

Most major companies recognize and report climate risks.
Ninety-one of the 100 companies in the S&P Global 100 Index see extreme weather and climate change impacts as current or future risks to their business. Most of the companies (84) discuss climate risk concerns in CDP questionnaires. Fewer companies do so in their sustainability reports (47) or financial filings (40), but reporting has increased slightly since 2013.

Companies worry about climate impacts beyond their facilities.
Almost all companies interviewed expressed concern about impacts to their supply chains. As one company noted, “You are only as resilient as your weakest link, so it is important to identify where that link is.” They also worry about public roads and other infrastructure, and access to electricity and water.

There isn’t one right way to assess and manage climate risks.
Many companies view climate change as a “threat multiplier” that exacerbates existing risks. This puts climate change into a familiar context, but could cause companies to overlook or underestimate threats. Some companies examine risks across their enterprise, while others focus on specific facilities, regions, or threats – such as climate impacts on water supply, which was a key concern.

Companies struggle to translate long-term, global climate data into short-term, local risks.
Despite growing access to climate-related data and tools, companies say they need “actionable science” that helps them understand locally-specific risks or risk scenarios. They also struggle to incorporate long-term climate risks into short-term business decisions…


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