Fossil Free Funds: A Tool for Finding Fossil Fuel Holdings in Mutual Funds

AS You Sow

[Think Progress] A new investment web tool called Fossil Free Funds, launched Tuesday, is giving people accessibility and power over their mutual funds and retirement plans. It is a project through As You Sow, a shareholder advocacy non-profit group founded by Andrew Behar.

“Ninety-one million Americans have a mutual fund account in some way, and nobody actually knows what they own. We didn’t know what we owned either,” Behar told ThinkProgress. After a lot of time spent digging through databases, Behar said he and his team found that a lot of As You Sow’s shares had holdings in Exxon, Chevron, other fossil fuel based companies…

To begin the quest for fossil-fuel-free funds, a person can search for mutual funds by name or ticker symbol, or browse through the database using different filters. The data can be broken down into categories such as diversified funds and socially responsible funds, or funds that are fully free of fossil fuels. Searches can be further filtered to include shares listed in the Carbon Underground 200, the “Filthy 15″ coal and mining companies, all coal, all oil/gas, all fossil-fuel-fired utilities, or all flagged holdings…


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