Big Changes Underway in the Climate System?

UK Met Office

[Christian Science Monitor]  Climate scientists in Britain have issued a warning: the “pause” in global warming is ending, and global temperatures will likely hit record highs in the next few years as the effect of greenhouse gases combines with a severe El Nino, a natural warming of the Pacific Ocean.

Climate change deniers have often pointed to the so-called “pause” as evidence that climate change does not exist.

But the Met Office, a UK government agency that studies global weather patterns, released a report on Monday, peer-reviewed by the University of Reading’s Prof. Rowan Sutton, that suggests the world is sliding into a warming trend, Sky News reports

The Met Office’s Prof. Adam Scaife said several global changes are occurring at once: “We believe we are at an important point in the time series of the Earth’s climate and we’ll look back on this period as an important turning point.

“That’s why we’re emphasising it because we’re seeing so many big changes at once.

“A lot of those things are natural, we’ve had El Niños when we were cavemen, that’s been going on a long time, and similarly there is evidence for variations in the Atlantic going back 1,000 years through various proxy measures.

“A lot of these things can occur without the influence of human beings.

“However, they are now occurring on top of the influence coming from man’s activity, so when they occur, when an El Niño comes and raises the global temperature, that is the icing on the cake, that is the extra bit that creates a record…”


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