A Comprehensive Analysis of the Employment Impacts of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Economic Policy Institute / by Josh Bivens

[Fierce Energy] …Recent research from the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) found that when employment multiplier and price effects are included, the proposed CPP is likely to lead to a net increase of roughly 285,000 jobs in 2020 — the result of significant gains and losses across different economic sectors and industries. The research also found that net job creation will fall significantly by 2025 and 2030, but still provides a boost relative to a non-CPP scenario.

EPI predicts that by 2030, overall net employment gains as a result of the CPP will equal roughly 24,000.

“The proposed CPP is not an employment policy — it’s a policy to mitigate carbon emissions, which is a crucially important goal. But while job creation is not a primary goal, it’s still useful to know that the proposed CPP will provide a small boost to overall employment growth in coming years,” said EPI Research and Policy Director Josh Bivens. “However, it will also place disproportionate burdens on some economic sectors and communities, and policymakers should address these challenges with complementary policies…”


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