The Value of Solar in Vermont

The Value of Distributed Generation: Solar PV in Vermont
Acadia Center

[Fierce Energy] …A new study from Acadia Center quantifies the grid and societal benefits of solar photovoltaic systems (solar PV) in Vermont. Establishing the value of distributed resources is increasingly important as states explore ways to meet energy needs and deploy clean energy resources.

The study assesses the grid and societal value of six solar PV systems to better understand the overall value that solar PV provides to the grid. By evaluating an array of configurations, the analysis determined that the value of solar to the grid — and ratepayers connected to the grid — ranges from 19 to 23 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), with additional societal values of 7 cents/kWh…

In addition to the value that solar provides to the grid, Acadia Center’s study finds that solar PV provides broader societal benefits, including environmental gains from reduced or avoided greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.


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