Economic Impacts of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative on Nine Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States

Review of the Use of RGGI Auction Proceeds from the First Three-Year Compliance Period
Analysis Group / by Paul J. Hibbard , et al.

[Forbes] …a new study from Boston consultancy Analysis Group shows that controlling and lowering CO2 emissions translates into a major economic development and jobs program with continued system reliability. The report represents another blow to the fear-mongering platform whose adherents insist that the EPA’s Clean Power Plan for reducing carbon emissions will bring job losses, economic ruin, and unreliability to the American power grid…

The Analysis Group’s study carries significant weight because it’s the first to examine the entire macroeconomic impact of a carbon control strategy in real life and in real time. In specific, the report examined the effects of RGGI, a program that has been assessing costs on carbon emissions in the Northeast for six years…

During the 2012 to 2014 time period, the RGGI carbon pricing program has led to $1.3 billion (net present value) of economic value to the economy in the nine-state RGGI region. That translates into more than $31 in value added per capita in the region, on average.

The study reveals that RGGI creates jobs, too…


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