New California Fracking Rules and Final Environmental Impact Report Released July 1

SB4 Final Environmental Impact Report
California State Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (press release) (Final Environmental Impact Report)

[Los Angeles Times] State officials on Wednesday formally adopted new rules governing hydraulic fracturing in California, setting in motion some of the toughest guidelines in the nation for the controversial oil extraction practice. [The California state Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources] released its environmental impact report that concluded fracking could have “significant and unavoidable impacts” on a number of fronts, including air quality, greenhouse gas emissions and public safety…

The new rules were released by DOGGR along with its environmental impact report, which may provide ammunition to drilling opponents. The three-volume report concluded that fracking could, in a worst-case scenario, “generate greenhouse gas emissions that may have a significant impact on the environment.” The operations could also increase pollutants “to levels that violate an air quality standard or contribute substantially to an existing or projected air quality violation,” the report said. Transporting crude from fracking could also expose the public to potential oil spills and accidents.

Mitigation efforts could reduce the hazards in some cases, the report said.
“It is concluded that the public remains severely divided on the subject of whether well stimulation treatments should be entirely prohibited at a statewide level, or if they should remain legal practices,” the report said…


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