Advanced Clean Transit Proposal for May 2015 Workshops [Discussion Document]

California Air Resources Board

[Green Car Congress] The California Air Resources Board (ARB) has posted a discussion document for upcoming workshops on the development of the Advanced Clean Transit (ACT) regulation.

The proposed Advanced Clean Transit regulation will consider strategies to achieve additional criteria pollutant emissions reductions from transit fleets and to accelerate purchases of zero emission buses as part of an overall strategy to transform all heavy duty vehicles to zero emission or near zero emission vehicles to meet air quality and efficiency improvement goals. ARB staff Staff is evaluating four potential broad elements to the Advanced Clean Transit regulation:

  1. Require Zero Emission Bus Purchases. Mandate a fraction of bus purchases to be zero emission technology starting in 2018, and set a goal of complete transit fleet transition to zero emission technologies by 2040.

    Purchase requirements would be phased in every few years to meet percentage of fleet milestones that would establish the minimum number of zero emission buses in the fleet. Establishing periodic milestones is expected to provide flexibility for transit fleets to incorporate zero emission bus purchases in their normal procurement process.

  2. Minimize Emissions from Conventional Fleet. Require use of renewable fuels and the cleanest available engines as soon as feasible. These proposed requirements will provide near-term NOx, particulate matter, and GHG emissions reductions to help meet nearer term air quality, climate, and petroleum targets.
  3. Provide Regional Flexibility for Zero Emission Buses. This would provide flexibility for transit agencies to plan for expanding a zero emission bus fleet and associated infrastructure in a more cost-effective manner. This would also result in larger concentrations of zero-emission buses that may allow for a more robust program with pooled resources and for strategic bus placements where the technology can be most effective and successful in current transit operations.
  4. Innovative Transit Beyond Buses. ARB is exploring a strategy that would encourage transit fleets to work with metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), regional Transportation Planning Agencies (RTPAs) or The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to develop regional plans for innovative transit beyond conventional transit operations as part of implementing Sustainable Communities Strategies (under SB 375) beyond improving bus efficiencies…

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