Tennessee Valley Authority: Integrated Resource Plan

Tennessee Valley Authority

[Bowling Green Daily News] …The IRP is a 20-year look at how TVA can meet future demand for energy, said Joe Hoagland, vice president of stakeholder relations for TVA. A previous IRP was completed in 2011, but a lack of growth in energy demand, the economic downturn and significant changes in gas prices made another plan necessary, he said.

“We actually are assuming that demand is going to be fairly low,” Hoagland said.

Growth in energy demand is expected to be low because of things including businesses – spurred by changes in the economy – looking to become more energy efficient and increased interest from individuals in being green and sustainable, he said.

The IRP highlights a need for a balanced energy portfolio, Hoagland said. That balance will include more emphasis on energy efficiency, use of renewables such as solar and wind energy and use of natural gas, he said.

Hoagland described the IRP as a “compass” to guide TVA in the future rather than a “GPS” giving specific directions. “It does not make individual asset decisions,” he said.

Those decisions will be made by the TVA board, but with the IRP as a guide, Hoagland said.


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