Yale Climate Opinion Maps

Yale University | Utah State University
http://environment.yale.edu/poe/v2014/ (maps)
http://environment.yale.edu/climate-communication/article/yale-climate-opinion-maps/ (site)

[Slate] On Monday, researchers from Yale and Utah State University unveiled a new statistical technique that allows an in-depth accounting of Americans’ attitudes toward global warming. The resulting maps—down to the county level—reveal some interesting takeaways.

First, Americans overwhelmingly agree that global warming is happening. Out of 3,143 total counties in the United States, majorities of just 39 counties disagree…

But the basic fact of rising temperatures is about the only point where public opinion matches the science. The new data also show that a majority of U.S. counties remain unconvinced that global warming is caused “mostly by human activities.” Majorities in a whopping 2,717 of 3,143 counties (nearly 80 percent) disagree with that sentiment, among them the liberal bastions of Brooklyn, New York, and Prince George’s County, Maryland…

Despite the fact that Americans seems to think of global warming as an issue that will affect mostly future generations, they also realize it requires current efforts to address. Americans are still firmly committed to action on climate change right now, the new polling data suggests. Respondents seemed to strongly prefer “big government” solutions focused on increased regulation and executive action, and are lukewarm to market-based policies like a revenue-neutral carbon tax.

From the new poll:

-Every single county believes we should fund research into renewable energy.

-Every single county believes we should regulate CO2 as a pollutant.

-Nearly 95 percent of counties (2,977 of 3,143) agreed with “strict CO2 limits on existing coal-fired power plants.”

-Nearly 99 percent of counties (3,104 of 3,143) agreed with a requirement that utilities should produce 20 percent of electricity from renewable sources.

Methods: http://environment.yale.edu/poe/v2014/methods

[RFF’s own climate change public opinion survey work — with Stanford University: http://bit.ly/1ItFbEX ]


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