Facing the Challenges – Research on Shale Gas Extraction [Health Effects of Fracking: Special Open Access Journal Issue]

Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A — Toxic/Hazardous Substances and Environmental Engineering
(Mar. 3, 2015 ,v50 n5)

[Dallas Morning News] …AT A GLANCE: The studies’ findings

Some highlights of fracking research published Tuesday in The Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A:

Long-term effects: Researchers interviewed people living near gas wells and interviewed them again about 25 months later. People who had moved from gas production areas, or who lived in places where gas activity had diminished, reported fewer symptoms when reinterviewed.

Short-term exposure to high pollution levels: Scientists examined whether people living in gas-producing areas have enough facts to make informed health choices. They found that government monitoring was insufficient to address chemical mixtures and other risks.

Effects on animals: One study looked at whether animals’ health might be affected by nearby gas operations. Dogs were found to be particularly sensitive, suggesting both health concerns for the animals and new ways to track pollution through animals’ exposures.

Availability of data: Researchers checked how easy it was to obtain key data from several states’ oil and gas regulators. They ranked the Texas Railroad Commission worst, largely because it charged for some data. The commission later defended its transparency record and said the study’s conclusions were outdated.


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