Colorado Oil and Gas Task Force Final Report

Prepared by the Keystone Center for the Colorado Oil and Gas Task Force

[AP] …[Governor] Hickenlooper spoke on the same day that his oil and gas task force submitted nine recommendations for easing tension created by the oil and gas industry in the state, often when wells are drilled near homes and schools…

The task force suggested giving local governments a consulting role in the location of large oil and gas facilities, such as wells and storage tanks, in urban areas. But proposals to give cities and counties the power to make their own rules didn’t get the necessary two-thirds vote to become a recommendation…

Other recommendations in the panel’s final report include expanding the staffs of state agencies that regulate oil and gas and monitor public health; creating an oil and gas information clearinghouse; studying ways to reduce heavy truck traffic to and from oilfield sites; and asking the Legislature to endorse new state rules on pollution.

Hickenlooper said he would not tell the Legislature or regulators whether or not the recommendations should be enacted. But he said he supported them. “I think all nine of them make a lot of sense,” he said…


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