2014 Integrated Energy Policy Policy Update [Transforming California’s Transportation System to Meet Climate Goals]

California Energy Commission

[Green Car Congress] The California Energy Commission adopted its 2014 Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR) Update, which outlines, among many things, how the state is working to transform the transportation system to zero- and near-zero technologies and fuels to meet its climate and clean air goals. This report highlights the importance of incentives in helping speed this transition and specifically explores the role Assembly Bill 8, which makes more than $2 billion available for public investment, can play in helping to achieve this progress.

The Energy Commission also approved almost $16 million in research grants to help develop the next generation of energy efficient technologies for commercial and residential buildings; $11 million for projects to convert feedstock and waste into biofuels; and about $900,000 for natural gas innovations.

IEPR. The IEPR, produced by the Energy Commission every two years and updated in alternate years, assesses major energy issues facing the state. This is the first IEPR to focus primarily on transportation. It finds that California is making good progress in transforming the state’s transportation system to a low carbon, zero emission transportation system with nearly 120,000 plug-in electric vehicles on California’s roads, a growing hydrogen fuel cell market and significant biofuels investments…


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