States are Vulnerable to Ocean Acidification

Natural Resources Defense Council

  • More than a century of burning fossil fuels has dramatically increased the amount of carbon dioxide entering the ocean, increasing the ocean’s acidity and posing a serious threat to the web of life underwater.
  • Coastal communities in 15 states are at high economic risk from ocean acidification due to their dependence on shelled mollusk fisheries, which bring in a billion of dollars annually.
  • The most effective step toward healthier oceans is to stop pumping carbon dioxide into the sea from cars, factories, and power plants. But policymakers and residents in vulnerable states can take steps to make a difference now.

According to a new assessment of the most vulnerable communities across the United States to ocean acidification, 15 states are at high risk of economic harm. The study, Vulnerability and Adaptation of US Shellfisheries to Ocean Acidification, breaks new ground by identifying the communities along our nation’s shores that will most likely suffer long-term economic harm from ocean acidification, revealing a mosaic of vulnerability to ocean acidification nationwide…

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