Quantifying the Impact of Climate Change on Extreme Heat in Australia

Climate Council

[Washington Post] … the Australian summer of 2012-2013 provided a terrifying preview of a world under climate change. According to the country’s Bureau of Meteorology, a devastating heat wave in late 2012-early 2013 saw “records set in every State and Territory…

What was truly astonishing is just how extreme the records were that summer — 44 different locations set all time high temperature records, including Sydney — and how long the heat lasted. “January 2013 brought record-setting heat to Australia; not just for days, but for weeks,” noted NASA

And now, says a new report, it’s pretty hard to see how it could have all happened unless climate change was stacking the odds. The report, by the country’s independent Climate Council, finds that 2013, Australia’s record hottest year ever, was “virtually impossible” without climate change. And as for the 2012/2013 summer heat waves? Global warming made their frequency three times as likely, and doubled the chances that they’d reach the extreme heat intensity that they did…


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