Energy Market Perspective 2015

Black & Veatch

[From a Climate Wire article by Scott Detrow, sub. req’d] …In its semiannual Energy Market Trends report, Black & Veatch consultants predicted the new federal greenhouse gas emission targets will play a major role in decreasing coal’s energy footprint, nearly doubling natural-gas-fired power production…

[From Summary] Our analysis includes:

  • Detailed oil, coal and natural gas price forecasts, including outlooks for supply sources and infrastructure expansions.
  • 8,760 hours per year of electric energy prices, forecasted across 71 North American zones for a 25-year study period.
  • A forecast of Renewable Portfolio Standards compliance and generation sector carbon emissions.
  • Cost estimates for other environmental regulations including the Mercury and Air Toxics Standard, the Cross State Air Pollution Rule Remand, the Regional Haze Program, and analysis of the effect regulations could have on energy prices.
  • Inclusion of announced and projected retirements/additions of generating and transmission assets.

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