2017—2022 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing: Draft Proposed Program

US Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

[Oil and Gas Journal]  The US Department of the Interior released a draft proposed 2017-22 Outer Continental Shelf management program that included 14 potential oil and gas lease sales in 8 planning areas, including one off South and Mid-Atlantic coastal states…Its Jan. 27 release was the first step in a multiyear process that could see significant changes before it becomes final…

In addition to one on the Mid-Atlantic OCS, the draft’s 14 potential lease sales include 10 in the western and central Gulf of Mexico and the portion of the eastern gulf not covered by moratoriums, and three off Alaska in Cook Inlet and the Beaufort and Chukchi seas.

Jewell said the Alaska sales also would occur near the end of the 5-year program to allow enough time to address safety, environmental, and other operating problems which emerged during Shell Offshore Co.’s 2012 attempts to develop its Beaufort and Chukchi seas leases it obtained 4 years earlier.

Activities in the 2017-22 period should not affect Royal Dutch Shell PLC and other producers’ leases from the 2008 sale, she emphasized. “Nothing we’re announcing affects Shell’s plans,” Jewell said. “It has valid existing leases, and we’re working very closely to make sure it operates in a safe and environmentally sensitive way.”…


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