Prevention, Cleanup, and Reuse Benefits from the Federal UST Program

US EPA, National Center for Environmental Economics / by Robin R. Jenkins, Dennis Guignet, Patrick J. Walsh

This paper attempts to comprehensively identify all relevant benefit categories associated with prevention and remediation of releases from underground storage tanks (USTs), as well as from reuse of formerly (or potentially) contaminated UST sites. The benefit categories include improvements in human health, ecosystem services, aesthetics, recreational opportunities, and land productivity. A qualitative explanation of each benefit category is provided and examples of UST sites associated with each is offered. The suggestion is not that all the categories are associated with all UST sites. Instead, there is a great deal of variability across sites, as illustrated by four case studies presented in this paper’s appendix. The paper also offers background information on the problem of UST releases, as well as descriptions of the regulatory program and the population of regulated systems and facilities.


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