Analysis of a Carbon Fee or Tax as a Mechanism to Reduce GHG Emissions in Massachusetts

Hamel Environmental Consulting, Synapse Energy Economics and Regional Economic Models, Inc. for the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources / by Marc Breslow, et al.

[Boston Globe] A new state-sponsored report concludes that slapping a multibillion-dollar “carbon tax” on all fossil fuels used in the state — including oil and natural gas to heat homes and gasoline to power cars — would be an effective way of cutting carbon pollutants blamed for accelerating climate change.

Prepared by private consultants on behalf of the state Department of Energy Resources, the report emphasizes that any new carbon tax or fee imposed on fossil fuels should be offset by tax cuts or some rebate to consumers in order to make the new carbon charge “revenue neutral.”

But the message of the report was clear: Deliberately hiking the price of petroleum products, via a new tax, would force many residential consumers and businesses to reduce their consumption of gasoline, heating oil, natural gas, and other fossil fuels at home and at work…


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