Climate Change and Urbanization: Challenges and Progress in China

Natural Resources Defense Council | Environmental Defense Fund | Energy Foundation China | Institute for Sustainable Communities |World Resources Institute

The report summarizes China’s low-carbon urbanization experiences, lessons and recent progress, and underscores the significance and potential contribution of China’s new urbanization to addressing global climate change.  It was released at a China Pavilion side event at COP 20 with the theme of “City’s Green Low-Carbon Future,” and examines three key urbanization issues for which Chinese cities are seeking climate-friendly solutions: land use, transportation and urban energy. The report introduces case studies of good practices in Chinese cities…

Some of the case studies featured in the report include:

  • Efficient land use
    • Shanghai’s “landless investment” that increased land use intensity
    • Kunming’s transit-oriented mixed land use in the Chenggong New Town
    • Tianjin’s integrated planning process in the Binhai New Area
  • Green transportation development
    • Asia’s first – and the world’s second largest – Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Guangzhou
    • Hangzhou’s public bicycle rental system
    • Wuhan’s community carpooling low-carbon travelling initiative
  • Urban energy use efficiency
    • National low-carbon pilot programs at city and provincial level
    • Net-zero energy use buildings pilot programs
    • Energy retrofits for existing buildings in Northern China…

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