Frack Attack: Pennsylvania’s Parks and Forests Threatened by Drilling

PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center

[Wilkes Barre Union-Leader] A statewide environmental advocacy group Thursday released a study that concludes gas drilling is posing a “far-reaching” threat to parks, forests and public lands across Pennsylvania…

The group’s study …lists five parks and forests that are “endangered by the threat of encroaching fracking, or have already been opened up to gas development and are exhibiting the environmental damage that predictably ensued.”

The five threatened public places highlighted in the report include:

• Loyalsock State Forest (Bradford, Lycoming and Sullivan counties):

The report states this is home to more than 100 well pads…

• Ohiopyle State Park (in Fayette County in Southwestern Pennsylvania):

“Several companies have expressed interest in testing the park to determine ideal locations for drilling, as all the lands, waterfalls, and white water rivers of Ohiopyle sit entirely above the Marcellus Shale,” PennEnvironment says…

• Delaware Water Gap:

“Should the moratorium on fracking be lifted in the Delaware River Basin an estimated 15,000-18,000 wells could be drilled in the area…”

• Allegheny County’s Deer Lakes Park:

PennEnvironmental states that “in the face of massive public protest, Allegheny County Council moved ahead with fracking under one of the county’s most used and most beloved parks..”

• Cross Creek County Park:

PennEnvironment: “Washington County’s largest park and popular fishing destination has been opened for fracking within park boarders and 22 well pads have already been drilled since 2008. In 2009 a spill of over 4,000 gallons of frack fluid spread to a nearby stream, leading to the death of fish and other organisms, according to the Department of Environmental Protection…

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