Developmental and Reproductive Effects of Chemicals Associated with Unconventional Oil and Natural Gas Operations

Reviews on Environmental Health (December 2014, v29, n4, pp307–318; DOI: 10.1515/reveh-2014-0057) / by Ellen Webb, et al.

[Huffington Post] …The paper suggests that even tiny doses of benzene, toluene and other chemicals released during the various phases of oil and natural gas production, including fracking, could pose serious health risks — especially to developing fetuses, babies and young children.

The research paper pulls together findings from studies that have investigated links between exposures to chemicals associated with fracking — and, in some cases, proximity to fracking operations — and developmental and reproductive problems in animals and humans, including reduced semen quality and increased risk of miscarriage, birth defects and infertility. While the report doesn’t provide any new data, the authors say the compilation builds a more compelling case for such connections…


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