Star Power: The Growing Role of Solar Energy in Texas

Environment Texas Research and Policy Center

Texas could meet its energy needs by capturing just a sliver of the virtually limitless and pollution-free energy that strikes the state every day in the form of sunlight…

Texas should continue to incentivize growth in solar energy by setting a goal of obtaining 20 percent of its electricity from solar power by 2025.Achieving that goal would result in a cleaner environment, less dependence on fossil fuels, and a stronger economy.

Texas’s solar energy potential is virtually unlimited. Based on renewable energy technical potential reported by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory:

  • Texas has the potential to produce 170 times as much electricity from solar PV and concentrating solar power (CSP) installations as the state consumes each year. Each of the 50 states has the potential to generate far more electricity from the sun than its residents consume. (See Figure ES-1).
  • There are 35 million residential and commercial rooftops that could host solar panels across the United States, including more than 3 million rooftops in Texas.

Continued growth in solar energy in Texas would bring a goal of 20 percent solar electricity within reach…


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